Credo Ut Intelligam

Credo Ut Intelligam
Above all else, think and reason. See with the eyes of your heart.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Trees and Birds

The World Wants Monsters

This world wants monsters to lurk in every household
A snarling manifestation of our collective misery made incarnate
We drift into the decidedly dark
and the desirability of essential escape from the foreign
Seen as a simple lark of sorts;
A subscription to the twisted prism of the less boring
The commanding, the demanding, the consummate
While the people pride themselves on carrying on;
Substituting the salient for the god of it’s awfully alluring
If the truth be told to spit upon the spark
That denial has been methodically obscuring
©2009 J. K. Bradford

Talking Heads - Houses In Motion (Stereo Difference) from "Remain In Light"

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Flimsy Like Paper Lace

flimsy like paper lace

Flimsy like a lace paper window pane
Rattled in a heavy wind blown rain
The rain
The rain came quickly down
And the shutters leaked as they tried in vain
To curb the pelting sound
The rain the rain falls wet and cold
And weakens the hillside ground
Which then gives way and
Tumults over the wall which cannot hold
The rain the rain
When will it end
The rain will never cease
The rain will someday wash our weary souls I am told
The rain the rain the rain the rain
©2007 J. K. Bradford

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Band of Horses - Laredo

When it rains in California....

When the waters weigh burdensome upon the construct of the levy
The storm continues to rain down
And the wintry weather’s tympanic sound
Reminds me that eventually the water has its way and become to heavy
For the barrier to properly hold its ground

Day two and three non-stop I watch the torrential inching symphony
Cleansing the entirety of this town
Landslides, and car crashes to swerve around
The homeless of this place hide away from nature’s unleashed bevy
‘Tween building and beneath makeshift tents they’ve made or found

After the length of the day surrenders to night’s hidden envy
The storm continues to pelt and perform
To defy the Sun and with its wet hands pound
Outside of the Californian norm and still the glistening ground is pretty
To my own eyes that leaked with this new sadness I have found
Copyright ©2010 by j. k. Bradford, All Rights Reserved

Band of Horses - Laredo